About hotel

Offer rack rates for the period from 1.1.2018 to 31.12.2018. The listed room rates include breakfast, parking and VAT.

All hotel rooms are non-smoking and are equipped with private bathroom with shower or bath, hairdryer, LCD satellite TV, telephone, minibar and private safe Free high-speed WI-FI internet access is available in all hotel rooms. All of our rooms are air-conditioned. There are also two full-size extra beds and baby cot, we offer 1 barrier-free room.

Check in from 14:00
Check out until 10:00


Standard rooms

We offer 16 standard double rooms with double beds or twin beds.

Spacious doubles

2 spacious Superior double rooms with access to the terrace overlooking the garden or large bathroom with corner bath.

Triple Suite

We offer 1 modern triple suite with two rooms, a large bathroom and a possible extra bed.

Two to four-bed suites

We offer 1 modern two to four bedroom suite with two rooms, a large bathroom and a possible extra bed.

House rules

  • 1) Only guests who check in properly, submit their valid identity documents (identity card, passport), sign a hotel ID card and provide a guarantee in the form of advance payment in cash or card preauthorization in the respective amount may be accommodated at our hotel, provided that no reason for refusing to provide the Hotel services exists, as specified in Article 9 below. Determination of a guest’s eligibility is at the Hotel’s sole discretion. If a guest fails to submit his/her valid identity document, the Hotel may refuse to accommodate such guest, in accordance with the Act on Local Fees for Czech Nationals and Act No. 314/2015 for foreign clients.
  • 2) Cancelation terms: Each individual booking includes individually determined cancelation terms. Cancelation fee or late cancelation fee is charged based on the cancelation terms applicable to the particular booking.
  • 3) If the guest wishes to extend his/her stay at the hotel, the Hotel may offer him/her a room other than that in which the guest originally stayed.
  • 4) If the guest has ordered a single room and received an immediate confirmation of his/her order, the Hotel will charge him/her the price of a single room even if the guest actually stays in a double/triple room or an apartment
  • 5) The guest may use his/her room for a period agreed previously with the Hotel. If no period has previously been agreed, the guest will be obliged to vacate his/her room and check out on or before 10 a.m. on the last day of his/her stay at the hotel. If the guest fails to do so, the Hotel may charge the guest accommodation for another day.
  • 6) Based on a confirmed order, the Hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest from 14 p.m. to 12 p.m. The room will be booked for this period for the guest, unless provided otherwise in the order. Any requests for accommodation before 12 a.m. must be agreed upon with the Hotel in advance and wait for the Hotel confirmation. Guests who wish to be accommodated before 14 a.m. will also pay the price of accommodation for the previous night if their rooms could not have been occupied in the previous night because of that request.
  • 7) Without prior consent of the Hotel, the guests are not allowed to move furniture, adjust or otherwise tamper with the electrical or any other installations either in their rooms or in the common rooms of the Hotel.
  • 8) Whenever leaving their rooms, the guests must close the water taps, close the door, turn off the lights in the room and return access cards for access to the Hotel room or other premises in the Hotel upon check-out.
  • 9) For the sake of safety, the Hotel also reserves the right to refuse to accommodate, immediately terminate accommodation of, refuse to attend to, or prohibit from staying at the hotel, any persons who do not comply with the standard of an internationally appreciated four-star hotel due to their appearance, behaviour, or conduct. The same also applies to persons who:
    • behave in a manner that causes unreasonable disturbance to or outrage among the other guests;
    • use or distribute addictive or psychotropic substances;
    • are under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances;
    • hawk or otherwise sell products or services without prior consent of the Hotel;
    • pester or harass other guests by gestures, making direct sexual propositions, or otherwise offer sexual services;
    • use the common rooms of the Hotel for a purpose other than that for which they are designed.
  • 10) Dogs and other animals may be accommodated at the Hotel provided that the owners prove their perfect health condition. For the Hotel approved accommodation of an animal, the Hotel may charge an additional fee based on the current price list. Animals may not be left unsupervised in a hotel room. Animals may not lie on beds or other furniture designated for the guests’ repose. Animals may walk in public areas of the Hotel only if wearing a muzzle and if accompanied by their owner (or by a person accompanying the animal).
  • 11) The guests are required to be quiet during night time hours from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m.
  • 12) The guests will be liable for loss of or damage to the Hotel’s property according to the generally applicable legal regulations. The guests must pay for any damages caused by them, unless they prove they did not cause such damages. This claim applies also to damages discovered after the guest’s departure.
  • 13) For the sake of safety, visitors are only allowed to stay in the Hotel rooms from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. Every visitor must sign in at the reception desk. If a visitor does not leave the room on or before 10 p.m., the guest will be charged accommodation of an additional person in the room.
  • 14) The hotel is entitled to decide to place an audio-visual or an audio device in the conference rooms and public areas, provided that such device will only be used for the guest’s/ organizer’s personal needs. When applying for an audio-visual or an audio device, the guests/clients must notify the hotel if and whether they wish to use such device for other than personal needs. In such a case, it is the guest’s/organiser’s responsibility to notify and receive the necessary consent from organizations representing the copyright holders. Without prior consent of these organizations, the guests/ organisers are not allowed to use an audio-visual or an audio device in the hotel.
  • 15) The guests are required to adhere to these House Rules and they are bound to familiarize themselves with them. In case of a breach, the Hotel management may terminate the contract for the provision of the Hotel services before expiry of the contract. Depending on the severity of the breach, the Hotel may also co-operate with the Hotel security guards or the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • Modern apartment with two rooms
  • Bathroom with bath and shower
  • Extra bed available
  • 3400 CZK/night
Apartmá – dvou-čtyřlůžkové
  • Modern apartment with two rooms
  • Bathroom with bath and shower
  • Extra bed available
  • 3050 CZK/night
Apartmá – třílůžkové
  • Spacious modern double room (with access to the terrace overlooking the garden)
  • Bathroom with corner bath and shower
  • 2 300 CZK/night when occupied by two persons
  • 1 950 CZK/night when occupied by one person
  • Spacious modern double room (with access to the terrace overlooking the garden)
  • Bathroom with corner bath and shower
  • 2000 CZK/night per room when occupied by two persons
  • 1650 CZK/night per room when occupied by only one person
  • Extra bed 500 CZK

Hotel services


The Finnish sauna is open daily for reservations from 10:00 to 22:30 (last reservation possible at 21:30). Private zone with a sauna, a relaxing room with a minibar and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Price per hour 150 CZK (towel and bed included).


Hydromassage herbal bath for a daily reservation from 10:00 to 22:30. Professional hydromassage bath for 1 person with intensive deep massage program. Price per hour 250 CZK.

Sauna and hydromassage

A hydromassage bath and a sauna. Price per hour 350 CZK.


We can arrange complete cosmetic services on request. Experienced make-up artists and hairdressers will make you a working day for the evening party, and you will find relaxation during manicure and pedicure. Prices and reservations can be booked at the hotel reception.


In the pleasant rooms of the hotel apartments we offer for sporty and relaxing massage. The price of the services is individual – ask for a price list and a reservation at the hotel reception.


We will arrange tours of the historical center of Pilsen and tour of the Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery.


Romantic package

Packages includes:

  • 1x accomodation in a suite, breakfast included
  • 1x flower for a lady
  • 1x sauna + hydromassage bath for 1,5 hours
  • 1x bottle of a Moravian wine
  • 1x three-course diner for 2 people

Price: 3900 CZK
Includes services for the price 4900 CZK